Monday, January 4, 2010

5 things bugging me right now. . . . thanks to Josh Kopp

Here are five things that I want to get off my chest now.

1. People who get your attention and then say nevermind

- look! if your going to get my attention and then say nevermind, then don't even get my attention b/c your just wasting my time.

2. Perms (sorry Josh this is one of mine to)

- Why? (it really is just a waste of money)

3. Ear Plugs (Those earring things that actually make a large hole in your earlobe)

- I mean seriously. . . . . If these have any benefit, I'm still not getting them!!!

4. Drivers that follow way too close

- Really?!!!!. . . . . . if you want to get in the car with me, I can pull over and I will let you in!!!

5. Paid Programming

- I don't have a reason for this. I just really really really don't like it!!!

(Sigh). . . . . Well, I feel better now. . . You should try it!!